Specific initiatives and development goals drive our efforts to embed sustainability

Sustainable development is recognized as one of the most important national goals by governments around the world. There is a broad international consensus that governments and the private sector have to work together to achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the NTP are also about sustainable development in the Kingdom.

In the global mining industry, sustainability standards are evolving.

The industry’s current standards may be broadly presented in three categories:

  • strong commitment to Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) programs,
  • positive social impact delivered by businesses and operational excellence coupled with
  • Optimization of resources

Creating sustainable value has been integral to Ma’aden’s vision since its inception. As a company whose primary goal is to add value to Saudi Arabia’s mineral resources, generate employment opportunities and contribute to socioeconomic development and community welfare in the process, sustainability is embedded in our mission.

Under our new vision and the 2025 strategy, Ma’aden is committed to playing a stronger role in national sustainable development. Our sustainability strategy is being developed around four key aspirational themes that work across the Ma’aden Group, and is aligned with seven of the UN’s SDGs:

Excellence in sustainable business: to be internationally endorsed for being an innovation-led and value-focused business.

  • EHSS excellence:
    to establish a performance- and culture-based EHSS system across Ma’aden, enabled by technology.
  • Social impact:
    to be a welcomed neighbor in an empowered local ecosystem.
  • Economic and resource impact:
    to achieve excellence in assets utilization and energy and water optimization across the organization.

The seven SDGs that we have identified are strategically important for Ma’aden and the Saudi mining sector in particular and the country in general. The new SDGs are so interlinked that our actions under the seven chosen goals will deliver a wider impact in reality. For example, our goal of “decent work and economic growth” will deliver a cascading impact in the communities where we operate. 

Most of these goals are in spheres where Ma’aden is already making significant contributions to development and has adopted clear strategies to enhance those in the future: human resources, EHSS, procurement, social impact and community care and partnerships with the government and other diverse organizations.

We have identified 15 initiatives that are aligned both with our aspirational themes and the seven SDGs. These initiatives, and a number of ongoing programs that are already making a significant social impact in the remote areas where our industries are located, will together make up a cohesive Ma’aden sustainability program.

Going forward, we aspire to adopt the widely accepted Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – G4 guidelines and the Mining and Metals Sectors disclosures as the framework to report our compliance with the sustainability standards of the global mining industry, which are also in line with the 10 Key Principles and their five values of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM).