Towards an EHSS culture based on performance and behavior

Pursuing our goal of zero harm to people and the environment, we continued to strengthen our Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) practices and systems in 2016.

The Ma’aden EHS Integrated Management System, which identified 114 standards for implementation, has been fully deployed across all our sites as part of our EHS1 initiative. We have already completed the internal assessment to ensure that all Ma’aden sites comply with these standards and achieve a D2 status under Ma’aden’s 5-diamond initiative.

The system’s criteria are in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 and Responsible Care’s RC-140001.

Under our EHS2 initiative, Ma’aden is transforming from a purely performance-based system to a performance and culture-based practice that focuses on human behavior, training and performance. This is being driven through the E Color Human Performance (E-CHP) program, which combines two safety technologies into one: E-Colors understanding of human behavior and Fisher IT’s Human Performance System.

During the year, we completed the ecological footprint assessment and baseline definitions for all our operating sites. EHS reporting and follow-ups are now completely automated through Ma’aden’s Hemaya system.

We have conducted extensive training courses for our staff, including senior executives, as part 
of this transformation to strengthen awareness about the behavioral issues that have an impact on the environment and the health and safety of people.
Ma’aden’s growing operations demand full preparedness to ensure the safety and security of our assets. During 2016, we approved and adopted a new Ma’aden Crisis Management Plan that focuses on industrial security.

The engineering design of a new integrated security, safety and fire system, approved by the Higher Commission of Industrial Security (HCIS), is well underway. We have also completed the security and emergency response audit for most of our operating sites.

We continue to strengthen our environmental protection measures, strictly complying with regulatory requirements and continually monitoring our emission levels and air pollution. Most of Ma’aden’s plants are equipped with Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) that are designed to issue early warnings when emissions exceed set limits.

We have hired a specialist company certified by the General Authority of Meteorological and Environmental Protection (GAMP). They will compile Ma’aden’s environmental compliance reports to be submitted to GAMP.